Kraemer’s Culinary Blog is Back with a Pursuit on Vegan Lifestyle

Kraemer’s Culinary Blog is Back with a Pursuit on Vegan Lifestyle


It has been a while since I wrote my last culinary post and I thought I would write a catch-up article.

A lot of things have happened within the last few years in my culinary field as a professional chef that:

  • Within the last four years, I have opened 2 brand new hotel restaurants as an Executive Chef.
  • Developed a second blog about a sustainable future.
  • Cultivated and improved my habits, by starting a morning and evening meditation regimen.
  • I became a vegan.

The Rewards of a Culinary Career

I have never worked a day in my life…hahaha-really funny. However, the last 30 years have been more rewarding than anything else. Working as a chef has given me lots of pleasure. I was able to work in Germany, the Caribbean, and New York City. I owned and operated successfully two restaurants and a bakery. I have worked and still work with awesome culinary colleagues. What else can I ask for?

Culinary history - Chef's are at work with traditional recipes

Working for Hilton hotels has certainly been a blessing. However, after investing so many hours into to the hotel openings I completely lost track of my culinary blog. I couldn’t find the time to maintain it, so I thought…?

Well, I was wrong. I am still busy; hence, I have learned in the past few years how to do more with less time. Talking about personal growth…:)

Culinary history is especially prevalent in this kitchen where the chef prepares a soup stocks

Opening restaurants are undoubtedly exciting, yet very stressful. From ordering and organizing all supplies and equipment to hiring and training all staff is indeed no cakewalk. The most fabulous rewards of opening the restaurants are seeing happy customers and of course a happy boss.

Improving my life

I have implemented better habits in my life. From meditating in the morning through exercising regularly to reading more often. I think I have read over 20 books last year, which has helped me with my personal growth.

Then I started a second blog, which is about visionaries of sustainable solutions. It’s a community blog where everyone can post and bring ideas on how to solve the problems in the world through eco-friendly solutions and innovations.


Vegetables Vegans would eat

The decision to start made me start a vegan diet.  Which is probably the best thing I could have done for myself. I feel great, and I see other people noticing that too. More on a vegan diet in a later post.

Back on track with a Vegan Lifestyle 

So the other day I logged into this blog after ignoring it for so long, yikes! I was shocked to see almost 10000 comments awaiting approval. Shame on me for not checking.I am sorry

However, after a long break due to work,  I decided to continue my Kraemer’s Culinary Blog. Although, as a chef, I am cooking all types of foods, I quickly realized being a vegan has so many more benefits.

To me a vegan lifestyle is not only good for your health, it’s also good for the environment.

So going with a Vegan concept seems just right, but it had to be a niche within the plant-based diet or lifestyle. Since I work every day in a kitchen, what better way for me to blog about the life of a vegan chef. Therefore, I will probably change my blog name to “Life of a Vegan Chef”.

I hope you will join me in pursuit of a vegan culture that reflects health, happiness, fitness, and sustainability all through the eyes of a chef.

I am grateful for any advice on changing a blog name and topic. Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below.

Thank you for your support!

Chef Frank
P.S. I wish all my blogger colleagues a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!




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