I remember I started to write this post while I was in the Virgin islands; to be specific in St. Thomas. I was sitting on my porch enjoying this amazing view over the Caribbean sea, palm trees and beach. Gosh, what a view, I can never get enough of it. This reminds me of my days in Antigua, about 17 years ago where I spend more than half a decade (cooking & jamin) :-).

View from The Elysian Resort

Beautiful St. Thomas Ocean View

The US Virgin Islands consist of three Islands, St. Thomas, St. Croix and St.John. The Islands are just a 30 minute flight away from Puerto Rico. We stayed at Elysian Beach Resort in the east of the Island and conveniently situated right next to the Ritz Carlton resort, which added to the impressive scenery. The resort nestled between beautiful palm trees directly on the water boasting its own very well maintained beach. The Elysian Beach resort offers 2 excellent restaurants on premises and a beach bar, which is located next to the pool. I also have to mention that I used my Wyndham Time Share to stay at this resort, which was one of my best experiences I ever had in a Wyndham resort.

Elysian Beach Resort

View from my balcony at the Elysian Beach Resort

Island Time and Dining Options on St. Thomas

St. Thomas has quite a few dining and entertainment options to choose from. There is literally something for everyone here; whether it’s Italian, Irish, Mexican, American and of course Caribbean cuisine. St. Thomas boasts a lot of Texan BBQ style restaurants as well as an annual parade where you can taste Texas style BBQ food. The following establishments I found worth dining at and was very happy with food and service.

The Caribbean Fish Market – My personal favorite for fine dining

Iggie’s Beach Bar & Grill – Visit Wednesdays for Caribbean Buffet

The Fat Turtle – Fridays after 10pm party time, great burgers

Havana Blue Restaurant – For excellent food, atmosphere and views

Sangria Beach-side Bistro – Try the Mahi-Mahi sandwich

Molly Malone’s – Excellent Breakfast, reasonable prices

Cheese Burger at the Fat Turtle

Cheese Burger at the Fat Turtle

Island Time – There’s No Rush

There are of course an enormous amount of restaurants and pubs to choose from. To make the best out of your stay combine a visit to the mall, beach or Mountain Top with your dining plans, that way you can capture as much as possible of the islands highlights. I highly suggest a rental car although you can use the local taxi service, too.

Though one thing you have to keep in mind when dining, food is not cheap here although there are a few options.  After all it’s an island and almost everything is imported. Talking about Island, everything goes by Island time; meaning there is no rush and that’s great. Even though where ever I dined out I had excellent and relatively quick service. One hopping place here in St. Thomas caught my eyes: The Fat Turtle.

Check this menu cover from the Fat Turtle:

It's all about Island Time

It's all about Island Time

And once you have made up your mind with your menu selection you’ll see the back of the menu cover, which is even more hilarious (shown below). Again it’s all about Island time or is it Turtle time? Regardless we had a great time on St. Thomas and St. John.

Fat Turtle menu Cover

Fat Turtle Menu Cover

Isn’t that funny?

Most of us including my self are rushing through life in the fast lane. This menu cover opened my eyes again that we have to stop once in a while and don’t forget to smell the roses. Are you rushing through Life? Have you had any great experiences in the Caribbean that made you feel well and relaxed? Let me know by leaving a comment.

To be continued… (with more from St. John one of the most beautiful Islands I have ever seen, Fine Dining and Caribbean Recipes)



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