The Caribbean Dream or Is It Just An Illusion?

Living on a Caribbean Island is obviously different from vacationing. I love the Caribbean and I think it is the closest thing to paradise. By that I mean not only the landscape or the ocean views, but the friendly people, their cultures and their mentality. That said there are many things you will never see when vacationing on an island. However, you’ll see everything when you work on an Island like I did on Antigua. I’m not saying that to brag about it, but to send a message of a life style that is very different from most of us. Needles to say that most Caribbean Islands are still considered third world countries, even if they don’t consider themselves that. We take that for granted or don’t want to witness that. Our perception is – what we want to see.

The Caribbean Dream?

Living The Caribbean Dream?

You Won’t Believe That – The Furthest Thing Away From The Caribbean Dream

The views from the hotel room can certainly make a huge impression on us. On the other hand, there are other views never seen. – I remember one of my waitresses that worked at one of my restaurants. She always had a smile on her face, was hardworking and every day wore a fresh uniform. Yes, a fresh uniform – which is completely normal to us as well as expected – if you have running water in your house…! Yes, running water! When she told me, that she had to walk 500 yards to the nearest water pump to bring two buckets of water back to her home, my jaw dropped. “You do this every day?” I ask her dumbfounded. “Yes, Thank God I have water.” She answered. I agreed with her. Envision yourself logging your entire water supply by feet to wash your dishes and clothe is something I was never exposed to. And, if I tell you that she was immaculate and neat with a smile so contagious, you would never imaging her circumstances.

For us it is incomprehensible, yet it is not an issue for her or her fellow neighbors.  In contrast to many of us who draw satisfaction from monetary indulgence, she draws satisfaction from her faith and from being a helpful, respectable and generous person of society.   No balcony overlooking the ocean or a car is making her feel happier. Although she would probably like it, she doesn’t waste her thoughts on frivolous things like that. I can honestly say that I admire her attitude and wish more people including myself would see the good in being just happy to do a good deed for someone else instead of constantly self promoting oneself.

Bananas on the treeOnce you have finish reading this jump over to my first Caribbean post (if you haven’t read it yet) and take a look at the menu cover, and you’ll get a glimpse of what Island living is all about.

Caribbean House

Caribbean House

Why is it the Caribbean Dream?

The generosity, honesty, simplicity and friendliness of the locals carries over to everyone else living on the Island. This is what truly makes living on an Island the Caribbean Dream. I’m not saying I would like to live in a house without running water, but it is the Caribbean life style that intrigues me. A life WITHOUT greed and the constant competition of who drives the better car or who has the bigger house is what I’m LOOKING for in the Caribbean. Observing the natural beauty of white sandy beaches and palm trees married with Caribbean music, accompanied by my wife is the CARIBBEAN DREAM.

The Caribbean Dream?

The Caribbean Dream? View of St. John's Beaches, USVI

My next Caribbean post will be about local cuisine, a love hate relation ship at first turned to pure fascination and respect.

Let me know what you think. I would really like to know!

Have you made any experiences in other countries that have open your eyes? Leave a comment

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