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About Me

Hi There,

Chef Frank KraemerThanks for visiting my blog. So who is Kraemer? My name is Chef Frank and I’m a German living in New York. After I completed my Culinary School and my three-year apprentice ship in Germany I cooked in restaurants with different types of cuisines such as Spanish, French, Caribbean and Asian.

One of the highlights of my career was the Caribbean where I lived more than 6 years doing what I love to do, working as a chef.

Why did I leave the Caribbean? I still ask myself this question, but New York has brought me equally exciting opportunities, too. Although I miss the 82 °F on a daily basis. However, gaining the experience as an Executive Chef in a 4 Diamond Boutique Hotel on Park Avenue in New York City for almost 10 years is equally rewarding.

I finally found some time to create a blog about my culinary passion, recipes and maybe my humble view on food trends. I regret not starting earlier with my blog, I guess all good things take time in life.

Even though I started out blogging not long ago I really enjoy writing about food and beverage. The Food Blogosphere is such a wonderful community of like-minded individuals that share one passion: the culinary world with all its fascinating niches.

I invite you to have a look at my blog and read a post or two and maybe even leave your thoughts while you are there. In any way I hope you enjoy it and maybe get inspired by it, too. In any case if you like what you see just follow my blog by entering your email address just to your right at the bottom. I would really appreciate it. You’ll only receive new and exciting recipes, food articles and trends. I’ll promise!

I’m available for services whether it’s menu development, food styling, cooking demos or freelance food writing and reviews.  Please contact me through my email or on read more about my  services by following the link.

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  1. Robert-Gilles Martineau

    Dear Frank!
    Thank you so much for following me on Twitter!
    It was a nice surprise to learn that you are German!
    A friend of mine, Stephan Rager, holds and brews at the only German owned and operated beer brewery in Japan, here in Shizuoka!
    Shizuoka is actually the most underrated gastronomic region of Japan in spite of producing 80% of all wasabi grown in Japan (it is also its birthplace) and the rarest and best sake in Japan!
    Looking forward to visiting you again!
    Keep me notified!
    Best reagrds,
    Robert-Gilles Martineau recently posted..Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Sanwa Brewery-Hagoromo no Mai-Junmai GinjoMy Profile

  2. Frank Kraemer

    Dear Robert,
    Thanks for visiting. I use to be the Executive Chef at the Kitano NY, which is a Japanese owned and operated Hotel. I can appreciate good Sake and of course German made Beer, too 🙂
    I’m looking forward visiting your blog.
    Best Regards
    Frank Kraemer recently posted..Some Wine Pairing Principles explainedMy Profile

  3. Peter Pecker

    Hallo Frank
    Wie isset? Hier ist Dein alter kumpel peter hab gerade Dein blog im netz gefunden toll absolute spitze bin sehr beeindruckt von deiner laufbahn ist lange her weis gar nicht mehr wie schön das war damals viel passiert hoffe dir gehts gut. Was macht Deine frau und kinder musss leider wieder arbeiten meld dich mal bis bald.
    Dein Peter

  4. TheGirl

    Hi Frank,

    I enjoyed browsing your website and different healthy recipes. Thank you for visiting The Reporter and The Girl and reviewing my site!
    TheGirl recently posted..Chapter 17: Good Coke Bad CokeMy Profile

  5. Eliane Muskus

    Hi Frank,

    What a coincidence, I also lived and worked in the Caribbean for 5 years before I came back to Europe in 2010. Do not regret my decision.


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