A Super Food Cocktail That Makes You Look Good #HealthyFridays

A Super Food Cocktail That Is Addicting Have you ever wondered if there is a healthy food that makes you feel good without a lot of calories? A healthy food concoction that you can drink several times a day? Something you would even crave on a daily basis.  It is similar to a smoothie or should I say Froothie (that's my version of a super Food Cocktail). Which I explain in a while. A smoothie is around for a while and I have always enjoyed them tremendously. I also used to use a juicer on a regular basis until I got tired of throwing all the good pulp away. On the other hand my experience … [Read more...]

Very Berry Minty Smoothie

  We all know how difficult it is to teach our children to eat healthy. I remember when my kids were young and the kind of conversations we had. “Dad, can I eat some ice-cream?” my son asked. “Son, you just had some chips, you are eating too much junk food” I replied. “And?” he responded.  So I told him I’ll make him a sweet delicious tasting surprise. He went along with my idea and patiently waited in the living room.  So instead of serving him a big bowl of ice-cream I decided to mix him a smoothie. I for myself usually make the really healthy ones with kale and spinach…you know what I … [Read more...]