Mama’s Organic Egg Spinach Power Sandwich #HealthyFridays

Welcome to my first #HealthyFriday post. As you probably have realized I'm gearing up my blog towards natural healthy foods and recipes with emphasis on organic ingredients. In short it's all about the whole foods experience. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy other foods like desserts and cakes, which I will still post here and there. However, the trend to healthy foods is the only way (in my opinion) to stay sane and healthy in this hectic technology driven world. We are surrounded by heavily processed foods, that are not healthy at all. In my upcoming posts I will get more into the myth or truth … [Read more...]

Black Bean Vegetable Wrap with Chipotle Mayo

After raising two boys into young adults I realized we have grown up in a fast food society where processed foods rule. Thinking back I regret having done some fundamental errors. I always thought - OK - if the kids behave I will reward them with a treat. And the treat was the kid’s meal at Mc Donald’s (that's when they were really small), since they had an indoor playground where they could play after their meal. What a terrible mistake. I instilled junk food as a way of an incentive for my kids. I can never forgive myself for that. I remember my kids knew all the burger joints by name before … [Read more...]

A Lovely Ice Cream Cookie for Valentine’s Day

I love the combination of blueberry, coconut and vanilla. You probably have seen this combination in my blueberry & vanilla soy milk oatmeal post. For this dessert I warmed up blueberries with cream of coconut and served it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream served on a cookie.  The cookie's ingredients support this dessert with flavors of coconut,  vanilla and chocolate chips. Topped with a thin slice of banana and chocolate shavings makes this dessert a very simple yet tasty treat for any occasion. A Quick Journey into the History of Valentine's Day As Valentine's day is upon us we … [Read more...]

Rack of Lamb with Pinot Noir infused Honey Rosemary Sauce

Try this easy to prepare Rack of Lamb in less than 60 minutes. It's ideal for Valentine's Day. I had this dish for New Year's dinner. I know it's a bit late, yet I didn't plan to post it on my blog, either. I love the taste of a grilled rack of lamb.  It can can be cooked in so many ways,  the possibilities are endless.  Lamb never gets boring, that said if you like lamb. Well I guess you wouldn't be reading this if you don't like lamb for that matter.   Ideal for Valentine's Day If both of you are meat lovers than this dish is great for Valentine's Day. It's easy to cook and assemble … [Read more...]

Recovering from Hurricane with Coconut Rice Pudding

It has been 15 days since Hurricane Sandy hit and left us with no power, water or heat. I would like to apologize for not posting lately, but it was just impossible for me to get power. I have to admit I have seen better days. Sandy flexed her muscles and showed us that Mother Nature is still in charge. No one really wanted to believe that this storm would hit this community so bad. In the end it was a 15 foot coastal flood wave which basically rolled over our sea town. It didn’t end there; the 36 hour tropical storm that followed the flood, blasted with 95 miles per hour winds and finished … [Read more...]

Matjes with Dill Sour Cream & Bratkartoffeln

During my trip through Germany I had the pleasure of eating all my favorite foods again. I don't know if it's just me, but I always have a field trip when I visit my homeland. I guess it's with everyone else the same, too.  Visiting my family made it even better, since everyone wanted to cook for me. (Lucky me) From vanilla rice pudding, Salmon baked in foil to Matjes with Bratkartoffeln (sautéed potatoes) and not to forget - plum cake with whipped cream - I was the lucky son. And my mother was the happiest of all of them. Since she get to see me only every 2 or 3 years it's kind of tough for … [Read more...]

Chocolate Banana Snack for Halloween – Trick or Treat?

This chocolate banana snack will sooth your cravings for something deliciously sweet. Chocolate banana snacks are healthy and quick to make. I wrote this post at my parent’s home, during my visit to Germany. I will get more into detail about this great trip in later posts. While I was there I had this one day I was craving something sweet, but couldn’t figure out what I wanted. It is a tradition in our family to have coffee and cake around 4pm. However cake is something I love, but that would have taken too long to bake to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have to admit once I crave sweet foods, I … [Read more...]

Minty Cantaloupe Melon Carpaccio

Cantaloupe melon is the perfect fruit for hot weather temperatures.  Melons are so versatile when it comes to preparation methods. Although not everyone’s taste or should I say aroma. Very ripe Cantaloupe melons have a very strong aroma, comparable to a bouquet of flowers.   Here is how to pick a ripe cantaloupe melon: A ripe cantaloupe melon smells fragrant or better said sweet. It shouldn’t be hard as a stone and not soft either, but it should give by a tiny bit, you know what I mean. If you can’t get a ripe melon just leave it out for a day or two in a dark dry place. However, just … [Read more...]

Pigeon Pea Rice with Coconut Milk

Usually Pigeon rice is cooked with white rice, but in this case brown rice is used. It is so much more healthier compared to white rice. It got a lot more fibers and keeps you full longer. This pigeon pea rice with coconut milk is one of my favorite rice dishes. It is very simple and looks totally velvety. It goes with literally everything and in particular with spicy and/or curried dishes. The coconut milk breaks down the heat in very spicy dishes so it's a perfect match to spicy Caribbean or Thai dishes. View the recipe for the wilted spinach and fried plantain by following the … [Read more...]

Wilted Collard Greens with a Kick

I just had to write a few words about this simple, but very delicious meal I had over the weekend. However, I have to admit it was my wife who cooked it. When she served the dish I didn't think of posting it on my blog, but when I tasted it I was amazed. So once I finished eating I said to her "I can't let this delicious meal pass my blog" She just brushed it off by saying " it's just a simple meal". "Yes it is, but delicious, too" I said. Sometimes the most plain-looking dishes are the ones that taste the best. So I dished up one more plate and dressed it up a notch so it looks really really … [Read more...]