Crudite Shots versus Platters? What is Your Favorite?

While I prepare myself for my upcoming trip to Germany, here is an old favorite snack of mine served a bit different than usual. - Before I get to this I'd like to mention the little story that lead me to write this post in the first place. I was recently invited on a party, which was held at a fairly decent catering hall. Among the appetizers was a crudite platter. A boring platter with carrots, green peppers, celery and cherry tomatoes served with I think was store-bought ranch dressing (which is OK).  The platter had no decoration at all. - My question is: Is it so difficult to make a … [Read more...]

Healthy Tomato Crostini Three Ways

Using perfectly ripened tomatoes picked just of the vine, (from my garden), will promise for some tasty tomato crostini. Just the smell of these tomatoes is incredible. Enhanced only with a few ingredients such as basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red onions makes this hors d' oeuvre an instant hit on any party. Let Them Ripen... Tomatoes can only ripen to perfection when on the vine, so it is important to let them grow until fully developed. Once tomatoes are picked, they won’t get sweeter or improve in taste. Only their color will change from green to red.  Well, if you couldn’t … [Read more...]