Pepper Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Red Onion Chili Marmalade

Buffalo sauce and blue cheese smothered faces. Big guys becoming kids again - so it seems. Chips are clinging to the children hands and everywhere on the carpet. The room is filled with laughter and occasional screams. Well, maybe more screams than laughter depending on who is winning. Sounds familiar?  Yes it's Super Bowl time again. Even though the big game is upon us I didn't feature chicken wings on my blog (this time).  Well, because everyone else does it, so I thought lets cook something out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong I love chicken wings, chips, rips and all the other goodies. … [Read more...]

Herb Garlic Marinated Seafood Kabobs

Soon it's time to celebrate Father's Day. This is the second recipe of a series of three in honor of Father's Day and one of my favorites. I love seafood and I like it even better when it's grilled. The kabobs are marinated in herb garlic oil, which gives them an incredible flavor. Your taste buds are being heavenly rewarded when the seafood kabobs are married with a chipotle tomato mayonnaise. Combine that with a Riesling and it will truly make your day. I know Father's Day is mainly about grilling steaks and ribs, however I find this dish a welcome change. Here is what we need, a … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Grill a Perfect Steak

  Finally I got some time to post some delicious recipes in honor of Father’s Day as I have promised earlier in the week. The first one is about how to grill the perfect steak with three separate methods to choose from. I’ll explain in detail later.  To be honest I can’t wait to start grilling in my backyard. The smoky BBQ fumes lingering around the neighborhood is just fantastic. I know it’s driving everyone else crazy who is not barbecuing. So let’s talk about grilling a perfect steak. It’s pretty simple and if you don’t believe me; challenge me on this.  Well of course with a … [Read more...]