Black Bean Vegetable Wrap with Chipotle Mayo

After raising two boys into young adults I realized we have grown up in a fast food society where processed foods rule. Thinking back I regret having done some fundamental errors. I always thought – OK – if the kids behave I will reward them with a treat. And the treat was the kid’s meal at Mc Donald’s (that’s when they were really small), since they had an indoor playground where they could play after their meal. What a terrible mistake. I instilled junk food as a way of an incentive for my kids. I can never forgive myself for that. I remember my kids knew all the burger joints by name before they were able to read. I know it’s my fault, I didn’t know any better than. However, I always eat by example. For instance my kids would say I eat trees for breakfast. That tree like food was home-baked whole grain bread with lots of nuts and seeds. They rather loved the mushy white bread, which I refused to buy. Today, I must say they eat the same way as I do putting fibers, fruit and vegetables first.   It could have gone wrong, too.

Black bean wrap with spicy mayo

A Change is in the Air

Being a chef has helped me choose the right foods to be part of a healthy cuisine. I was always an advocate of a healthy diet and try to help out with tips and hints among my friends and family members. For that reason I have decided to change my core concept from the very general Culinary Blog to a more whole foods approach with healthy eating habits. I’m planning to carry out this change within the next month or two.

Black bean wrap

Look Out for My New #Healthy Friday Series

As of next Friday I’m introducing a new series of Healthy Friday posts, where I will uncover and analyze unhealthy foods, eating habits and suggest healthier alternatives. I will expose the very foods and ingredients that make us sick and emphasize the ones which keep us healthy. If you haven’t signed up to receive my posts my mail I hope you consider doing so. Subscribe to Kraemer’s Culinary Blog by Email

The Future of Our Health is Determined by the Choices We Make….

That is in particular true with the type of food we choose to eat. Well, some get away with eating junk food all day long and still don’t get sick. However the growing obesity rate in the world suggest otherwise.  We have never had so many obese children. Our healthcare cost is through the roof.  If we don’t change the way we eat we essentially program our bodies to fail, which is unsustainable for a nation.

Black bean wrap with chipotle mayo

I choose this vegetable wrap because it appeals to kids as it does to adults. Who doesn’t like a wrap? I don’t believe in meaty sandwiches all the time and this vegetable wrap is a refreshing change. Obviously, adding a piece of grilled chicken or steak would complement this wrap too.

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Black Bean Vegetable Wrap with Chipotle Mayo
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Vegetarian, sandwich, healthy cuisine,
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
Chipotle mayo
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • ½ tsp chipotle peppers, minced
  • ¼ tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp honey
  • 4 large black bean wraps
  • 8 leaves of lettuce, romaine or green leave
  • 4 fire roasted red peppers, store bought
  • 1 eggplant, thinly sliced & sautéed in olive oil
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 1 small can of black beans,
  • 1 red onion
Chipotle mayo
  1. Mix all ingredients together.
Black Bean Vegetable Wrap
  1. Toast wraps over grill or in oven until hot.
  2. Spread chipotle mayo over the center of wrap
  3. Spread lettuce, sliced red peppers, eggplant, avocado, onions and beans in the center of wrap.
  4. Fold the left and right side of wrap towards the center.
  5. Now roll up the vegetable wrap from the bottom keeping everything centered and within the wrap.
  6. Cut in two pieces and enjoy.
This vegetable wrap can be eaten hot or cold. For a hot wrap heat all ingredients except the mayo. Than roll up all hot ingredients into wrap.

Did or do you have any issues raising your kids with healthy foods?

Do you eat fast foods and how does it impact your eating habits.

Are you trying to eat healthy?


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  1. It’s great to hear about the changes you are going to make and I look forward to healthy Fridays. Fortunately my son never goes near the McDonald type takeaways and on the whole eats healthily. He never had any candies until he was about five and he wasn’t that impressed and still doesn’t eat them.
    Your wraps are wonderfully colourful and most of those ingredients are delightful.
    suzanne Perazzini recently posted..Cauliflower Rice, Mushrooms and Pork – grain-free dinnerMy Profile

  2. Thanks Suzanne, I’m very excited about healthy Friday’s. It will be a way for me to really write about things I truly care about. I’m glad your son grew up with healthy foods. Not every child craves healthy food, in fact most children would rather eat fast food than a bowl of good vegetables. I guess it’s all a learning experience.

  3. I’m glad your boys followed suit. I was a bit of a micro-manager in the kitchen, cooking every single meal for my girls growing up. When they went off to college, as expected, they fell off the wagon, so to speak, but they also realized how badly they felt. So that was their motivation to eat the way I taught them. In fact, one is a pescatarian by choice at 26, the other a 29 year old healthy eater who is helping her husband out with understanding the relationship with food and health.
    I was a bit extreme – we never went out for fast food. ever. ever. I never bought pre-packaged foods. And yes, I worked during all those years. It’s just a matter of making the preparation of healthy food a priority. sorry, will get off the bandwagon now.

    • Hi Mimi,
      Thanks for leaving your “whole foods”experience as a parent. You are absolutely right. Not introducing fast food into a diet is the great way to keep the kids away from bad eating habits. It is not easy to teach kids good eating habits, but you surely didn’t.

  4. Hi Frank,

    I saw your site on LinkedIn, and you have a great and organized blog with good recipes! I will check in from time to time on here!

  5. Love the healthy concept. Will definitely give this a try.
    Peter @Feed Your Soul recently posted..Healthier Banana BreadMy Profile

  6. Love that third picture – the food styling is perfect. I also love the veggie wrap – tons of flavor in those, and the chipotle mayo sounds awesome. Third, I love the idea of Healthy Friday! Looking forward to your posts. Thanks.
    john@kitchenriffs recently posted..Fennel and Tomato GratinMy Profile

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your kind words. I love the chipotle mayo it brings the whole wrap together with a little zing. I am very exited about the Healthy Fridays, too. Because that’s something I care deeply about. I will post my first Healthy Friday article March 1, 2013.

  7. I don’t realy like vegetable wraps but this one I would eat. You are not the only one who fed their children fast food. I think almost everyone does. It’s the easiest way to make the children happy. But now that McDonalds can’t sell their children meals with as toy there is a lot less incentive to go there.