GMOs – Support Prop 37- Learn the Facts About Our Food

You might have heard about GMOs. I know it’s been widely spoken about, but for those of you who haven’t heard about it recently, here is some info of what’s going on.

YesProp37-LogoFirstly:  It is troubling to know “not to know” if our foods are of natural heritage or modified crops from a labor. It should be obvious, but it’s not. These foods are also known as GMOs, Genetic Manipulated Organisms or Genetically Engineered Foods. Up to this date no such foods have to be labeled according to the FDA.

Secondly: I can assure you that everyone living in the USA has eaten these type of foods. However don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of resources to look it up.

On November 6 – anyone living in California – has the opportunity to vote for Prop 37 a regulation that requires the labeling of such foods. If you live in California, please get involved. Many famous chefs have already signed up to support this very important issue. Regardless of where you live anyone can support Prop 37.This is not about politics, it is about a healthy future and having the right to know what type of foods we are eating.

Facts about GMOs:

That’s the problem, no one really knows. Check your  local supermarket and ask which type of foods are natural or Genetically Engineered (supermarkets in the USA) The answer might surprise you. People like you and me are kept in the dark. I recently visited Germany and anyone who traveled to Europe can attest to that; all foods are labeled whether its genetically modified or not.

Almost all products, which have been made with corn, sugar and soy, are subject to genetic manipulation. Whether it’s oil, cereal, margarine or sugary products we have all been buying them (US only).  Check out the facts by following the link below and decide for yourself if GMOs should be labeld or not.


The Pros and Cons of GMO’s

The Pros
GMOs can have an advantage to the industry. For instance in Hawaii there would be no more papaya if it wouldn’t had been genetically modified. Through the process of genetic modification the papaya has been made resistant to a virus that would have otherwise threatened the entire production. More than 75% of Hawaiian papaya is genetically modified. Up to this day there is no known approach to combat this virus.  Surprised?

This is only one example where science have helped to sustain threats. More advantages are:  the resistance to cold weather, Insects or pest and drought is definitely a breakthrough.


The Cons
There have not yet been a concluded long-term study of GMOs!!  Although one European study is about to be released. No one really knows if genetically modified foods have side effects to humans, although there are plenty of reports that they do. Check out the facts at the Institute for Responsible Technology.

The growing number of food allergies all over the world is one concern, yet they are not linked to gmo’s (yet)? However,  State regulations have been few, too.  Even though certain foods have been made pest and insects resistant, the amount of pesticides used are still the same!  (What is wrong with that picture?!)


Sooner or later it will affect everyone, help is needed now.

Well, on November 6, 2012, California is the first state where citizens can vote for the labeling of GMOs. It is Prop 37 (proposition 37, follow the link to read the entire proposition). This is a step in the right direction, so that hopefully other states will follow. Over 50 countries in the world have GMO labeling in place. Europe is one continent that requires the labeling of gmos even if it’s undetectable. Who knows what happens in 10 or 20 years from now, after digesting plenty of gmos and how it may permanently damages our Eco system. Get informed because sooner or later it will affect everyone globally.  To get involved visit Prop 37:


You can get much more information on this topic following the links I have placed throughout this post.  I on my part want to raise awareness of this very important issue. For the sake of our kids, their health and the future of our well-being, you decide for yourself if gmos should be labeled or not.

Facts about GMO’s

Testimonies about GMO’s

The big companies behind genetic modification

Say No to GMO

Chef’s in support of Prop 37

What are your thoughts? Leave a message below.


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  1. Thanks for your perspective on this important issue Frank. I too have done research regarding GMO’s in our food shed and posted an article on the benefits of Proposition 37 on my website. Please check it out:

    • Thanks Karen, I will certainly check out your article about Prop 37. I think it is very important that everyone understands the importance of this topic. Too little is being said about Prop 37 and we only have a few days left.

  2. Wow that’s amazing – 75% of Hawaiian papayas are genetically modified? I hope people will vote for the implementation of GMO labeling. It just makes sense. Great info, thanks for sharing.