Kirmes & Oktoberfest – A German Fair

Being in Germany is so much fun again. Fond childhood memories remind me of a beautiful time many years ago. Today we went to the Kirmes, which could be translated as carnival or fair. That combined with the Oktoberfest and you have a fun place to be with friends or family. As a young boy I went here with my friends and “five cents” taken from my piggy bank, and rode every carousel I could get on.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

Riesenrad on the Oktoberfest

Gingerbread Hearts

I ate sweet popcorn (yes popcorn in Germany is sweet!), gebrannte nüsse, which is caramelized almonds or Hazelnuts with a hint of vanilla. Just the smell alone of these nuts are addicting.  Zucker Äpfel as we call them are toffee apples. I couldn’t get enough of these red and green sugar glazed apples topped with almonds or coconut flakes.  All these sweet candied foods appeared as if they were magic to me. There was something that attracted me to them. Of course vendors were eager to sell them to me until my stomach would ache. Best of all are the Lebkuchen Herzen or Gingerbread Hearts. These eatable hearts have beautiful sayings on it and hang on red ribbons. They are perfect to give to a friend or your Mom as a sign of love.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

Candy Store at the Oktoberfest

German Bier at the Kirmes

Nowadays, I don’t go for the sweets anymore, but for something more famous – German Beer – in moderation of course!! There are so many different beers in Germany from all corners of this nation. Whether you prefer Dark, Pils, Hefeweizen or Radler you’ll find the right one for you. Beside that all beers are made according to the German Reinheitsgebot (German Bier Purity Law). A law that came into effect in 1516 in Bavaria that calls for only three ingredients a bier could be made off: hops, barley, yeast and water of course. Sugar was not part of this recipe and not allowed according to the old law. The law has been slightly modified, however most breweries still adhere to the old German Bier Purity Law. Young adults are allowed to drink Bier from the age of 17, which makes their American friends very jealous.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

German Beer at the Kirmes

Famous Bier Pavilion

The Bierzelt or Bier Pavilion are so inviting at the Kirmes / Oktoberfest that we just had to visit it. With German music and “das Fräulein”  and everything is good. If you ever have the chance to visit the Oktoberfest or Kirmes, do so, it is a lot of fun and you don’t have to drink till you drop. Just enjoy the moment and the happiness.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

Beer Pavilion at the Kirmes

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

Bier Pavilion in Germany

Kirmes Food

After a good German Bier a spiessbraten or bratwurst with pommes (French Fries) is the right thing to eat. I know its fast food but special situations call for special foods. Spiessbraten is charcoal grilled pork loin, deliciously marinated and seasoned. Most often served with caramelized onions and mushrooms. The “old curry bratwurst” is an all time favorite not only of mine but of many others, too.  It is made of a very tasty bratwurst served with a ketchup curry sauce and pommes.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

Curry Bratwurst at the Kirmes

However, I’m here for a reason and that is my mom and dad. My mom is a breast-cancer survivor and  was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It is the least I can do to visit her as often as I can from New York to spend some quality time. She is and always will be the best Mom I could wish for. She is still in an acceptable condition, but only God knows for how long.  So I spend as much time with her as I possibly can.

Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair

Mom & Dad at the Kirmes

More about German food and  traditions…to be continued…


Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair
Kirmes & Oktoberfest   A German Fair


  1. Nice to know so many things about Germany . I am sure you had your best trip :)
    Maria recently posted..Cinnamon Spice BenefitsMy Profile

  2. This trip is more about connecting with family members – and German traditions I almost forgot about. It is not my best trip, but an important one which I certainly enjoyed.
    Frank Kraemer recently posted..Chocolate Banana Snack for Halloween – Trick or Treat? My Profile

  3. My husband’s dream is to go to Oktoberfest…hope we can make it a reality in a few years! Love your descriptions of the candied apple, nuts and sweet popcorn…they sound amazing! My hubby would be sampling the beer…and I’d be looking for something sweet. What a fun time!

  4. Thanks for your kind words. Oktoberfest is indeed a fun time. There is something for everyone. I hope your dream comes true one day.
    Frank Kraemer recently posted..Chocolate Banana Snack for Halloween – Trick or Treat? My Profile

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