First things first: Start cooking

Cooking in a Pan

Cooking can be as efficient or as elaborate as you want it to be. The principles are always the same; however, new cooking trends emerge and change the way we look at certain recipes and how they are being prepared.  In a restaurant kitchen you have every stock and broth at your disposal, which makes it very easy to not only cook for large amount of people, but to create a great variety of different abbreviations a certain stock or broth.

Obviously the average person doesn’t have the time and the resources to cook like a chef in a restaurant, but that is not necessarily true. Nowadays most stocks and broths are available in your local supermarket. The trick is to know what is being used for what. At times you’ll find yourself confused as to why certain cooking techniques are necessary and sometimes they are not. Not to worry, important is to start cooking and building a repertoire of simple dishes. There is nothing better than to have cooked a satisfying meal. Some people make the mistake and try too hard by using complicated recipes only ending up in Raw vegetablesdisappointments. The joy of cooking is to master the basics and then adding your own style and taste into your cooking, at least for me. Regardless of what are you cooking the end result will most often depend on the quality of ingredients used, the technique and a good recipe, however, in my opinion the love and the passion you put into your cooking is equally important and will ultimately make the difference between a fantastic tasting dish or a sloppy one. Time has becoming a commodity in our society, due to the daily rush most of us live in. From rushing to work, eating your lunch in record time, running errands and coming home from work to cook for the family has become part of our daily routine and can be draining.   Enjoying a good healthy and tasty meal at least once a day should be a priority. Whenever possible I try to have three including breakfast. I just love food regardless how simple it maybe. Just start cooking.

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